Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pretty Princess

I have had a truly new experience at work today. One class of students had a Bollywood dance class booked to help them with their research for their current 'Bollywood' project. (Last weeks henna tattoo is just about fading away now)

My small class of students were desperate to dance too, so before I knew it I was joining in a fully choreographed dance routine!! How much fun was that? The whole thing has been videoed and I am really hoping it does not find it's way onto youtube. Now, I am not unfit and love my gym and swim sessions, but dear God! I now ache in places I never knew existed. I am looking forward to seeing the state of everyone else at college tomorrow....

I have been playing around with some new designs, inspirations coming from small 1 (nearly 6) and her passion for all things pink and princessy.

I have drawn her out, and coloured her with pencil crayons and think that she will make a good stamp. What do you think? And what should I call her? Hmmmm......


  1. Very cute hun, I lurve her hair :)

  2. she looks like a "perfect princess" to me!!

  3. She is very sweet, I think she looks like a Cassie :-)