Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Russian Dolls

I spent a great afternoon making this card for small 2's birthday next week. She saw some russian dolls in a book and was fascinated with them so when I found the Matroyshka Dolls stencil at http://www.wild-rhodes.co.uk/ they were a must for her card!

The stencils are really easy to use on their own on the front of a card or as a chain of dolls like below. I chose some pretty pink papers, adding some punched embellishements for added detail. The hair had to be blonde as small 2 still has the beautiful straight, white blonde hair she was born with. (Where did that come from I wonder? Both me and the OH have very dark wavy hair!!)

I drew and coloured the faces, but the stencils do come with a template sheet you can use, plus instructions.

How much fun was that?!!

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  1. My Mother would adore these. She collects Russian Dolls.xx Jenny xx